U.N.S.S. Bonhomme Richard (FASA)

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U.N.S.S. Bonhomme Richard
Commissioned 2058

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The United Nations Spaceship Bonhomme Richard was among the first Liberty class picket cruisers commissioned in 2058.[1] First contact was made with the Tellarites on Reference Stardate 0/7308.20 (20 August 2073), when a single Tellarite patrol ship entered the Sol system and claimed it as "an addition to the Tellarite Territories." United Nations Space Force Admiral Abel Niwen, commanding the Solar Fleet forces from the Bonhomme Richard, elected to diplomatically welcome the Tellarite vessel, while warning that any hostile action would be reciprocated. The Tellarite commander abruptly accepted what he saw as an offer of friendship and implied military alliance. Admiral Niwen would go on to receive the Medal of Honor for his actions, and later retired to serve as Earth's first ambassador to Tellar.[1][2][3]

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