U.S.S. Andor (STO)

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Myriad Universes: U.S.S. Andor
U.S.S. Andor
Class Engle
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

The Federation Starship Andor was an Engle class vessel in service in the mid-23rd century. The Andor took part in the defense of Starbase 1 in 2256, but was heavily damaged in the first wave of the attack, and was later used to evacuate the starbase during the second wave.[1]

Ships Named Andor

FASA Timeline

U.S.S. Andor (Andor class) •  U.S.S. Royal Andor NCC-3002 (Royal Sovereign class)

STO Timeline

U.S.S. Andor (Engle class)

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