U.S.S. Azrael NCC-517 (Myriad)

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Myriad Universes: U.S.S. Azrael
U.S.S. Azrael
Registry NCC-517
Class Saladin
Commissioned c.2186

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Construction on the Federation Starship Azrael, a Saladin class destroyer, was authorized by the Star Fleet Appropriation of Stardate 0965[1] and commissioned circa 2186.[2]

Samara Uhura served aboard the Azrael as a communications officer prior to her assignment to the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 in 2207. In 2205, the Azrael was in dock at Earth for a refit, which included the installation of new phasers.[3][4]

SFU Timeline

U.S.S. Azrael
Registry NCC-517
Class Saladin

Construction on the Federation Starship Azrael, a Saladin class destroyer, was authorized by the Star Fleet Appropriation of Stardate 0965.[1]

Saladin class vessels

FASA Timeline

Mark VII Saladin class

Authorized Stardate 0965

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Mark VIIA Siva class

Authorized Stardate 3030

U.S.S. Ares NCC-524  •  U.S.S. Hathor NCC-523  •  U.S.S. Iblis NCC-528  •  U.S.S. Jugurtha NCC-527  •  U.S.S. Loki NCC-529  •  U.S.S. Lucifer NCC-521  •  U.S.S. Mars NCC-525  •  U.S.S. Molock NCC-522  •  U.S.S. Siva NCC-520  •  U.S.S. Tyr NCC-526

Mark VIIB Cochise class

Authorized Stardate 4699

U.S.S. Abu Bekr NCC-549  •  U.S.S. Achilles NCC-551  •  U.S.S. Ajax NCC-547  •  U.S.S. Akbar NCC-548  •  U.S.S. Al Mahdi NCC-545  •  U.S.S. Alva NCC-531  •  U.S.S. Alvarado NCC-537  •  U.S.S. Apollyon NCC-542  •  U.S.S. Cimon NCC-555  •  U.S.S. Cochise NCC-530  •  U.S.S. Cortez NCC-536  •  U.S.S. de Ruyter NCC-538  •  U.S.S. Drake NCC-541  •  U.S.S. El Cid NCC-534  •  U.S.S. Geronimo NCC-535  •  U.S.S. Hektor NCC-539  •  U.S.S. Ivan NCC-550  •  U.S.S. Lysander NCC-540  •  U.S.S. Martel NCC-554  •  U.S.S. Nelson NCC-546  •  U.S.S. Ney NCC-533  •  U.S.S. Perseus NCC-544  •  U.S.S. Pontiac NCC-532  •  U.S.S. Samson NCC-543  •  U.S.S. Scipio NCC-553  •  U.S.S. Theseus NCC-552

SFC Timeline

U.S.S. Azrael
Registry NCC-517
Class Akula

The Federation Starship Azrael, a DD-type Akula class destroyer, was commissioned circa 2250. Its service ended some time prior to 2279, and was presumably destroyed.[5]

Akula class vessels

SFC Timeline

U.S.S. Adad NCC-515  • U.S.S. Ahriman NCC-513  • U.S.S. Akula NCC-278  • U.S.S. Akula NCC-278-A  • U.S.S. Alaric NCC-503  • U.S.S. Alexander NCC-511  • U.S.S. Arafat NCC-802  • U.S.S. Ardzinba  • U.S.S. Ares NCC-520  • U.S.S. Assad NCC-863  • U.S.S. Atilla NCC-523  • U.S.S. Azrael NCC-517  • U.S.S. Barzani  • U.S.S. Begin NCC-801  • U.S.S. Bush NCC-851  • U.S.S. Buthelezi  • U.S.S. Charlemagne NCC-530  • U.S.S. Chaudhry  • U.S.S. Chilingutila  • U.S.S. Chissano  • U.S.S. Clinton NCC-862  • U.S.S. Cristiani NCC-866  • U.S.S. Czar Alexander IV NCC-528  • U.S.S. Darius NCC-502  • U.S.S. Dostam NCC-837  • U.S.S. Dudayev  • U.S.S. Eisenhower NCC-534  • U.S.S. Etzel NCC-509  • U.S.S. Fadlallah  • U.S.S. Galtieri NCC-861  • U.S.S. Gemayal  • U.S.S. Genghis NCC-501  • U.S.S. Gorbachev NCC-853  • U.S.S. Grant NCC-869  • U.S.S. Gusmao  • U.S.S. Hamilcar NCC-518  • U.S.S. Hannibal NCC-512  • U.S.S. Hashishiyun NCC-516  • U.S.S. Hekmatyar NCC-832  • U.S.S. Hiawatha NCC-522  • U.S.S. Hun Sen  • U.S.S. Iskandarov  • U.S.S. Kennedy NCC-870  • U.S.S. King David NCC-540  • U.S.S. Kravchuk NCC-858  • U.S.S. Kublai NCC-507  • U.S.S. Landsbergis NCC-859  • U.S.S. Robert E. Lee NCC-536  • U.S.S. Leonidas NCC-538  • U.S.S. Lincoln NCC-868  • U.S.S. Lysander NCC-532  • U.S.S. Mandela  • U.S.S. Manuel  • U.S.S. Marcos NCC-860  • U.S.S. Marius NCC-539  • U.S.S. Massoud NCC-831  • U.S.S. Golda Meir NCC-525  • U.S.S. Mitterand NCC-857  • U.S.S. Mojadeddi NCC-836  • U.S.S. Daniel Morgan NCC-531  • U.S.S. Najibullah NCC-834  • U.S.S. Nasrallah  • U.S.S. Nebuchadnezzar NCC-541  • U.S.S. Nixon NCC-856  • U.S.S. Ocalan  • U.S.S. Humberto Ortega  • U.S.S. Pazuzu NCC-521  • U.S.S. Pompey NCC-506  • U.S.S. Prabhakaran  • U.S.S. Premadasa  • U.S.S. Pundy  • U.S.S. Israel Putnam NCC-533  • U.S.S. Rabbani NCC-835  • U.S.S. Rabin  • U.S.S. Rahman NCC-514  • U.S.S. Ramos NCC-864  • U.S.S. Reagan NCC-854  • U.S.S. Sadat NCC-527  • U.S.S. Saddam  • U.S.S. Safarov  • U.S.S. Saladin NCC-500  • U.S.S. Sargon NCC-504  • U.S.S. Shaitan NCC-519  • U.S.S. Shamir NCC-868  • U.S.S. Shevardnadze NCC-865  • U.S.S. Sihanouk NCC-867  • U.S.S. Skanderbeg NCC-529  • U.S.S. Suleiman NCC-508  • U.S.S. Sultan  • U.S.S. Suvarov NCC-535  • U.S.S. Talabani  • U.S.S. Tamerlane NCC-510  • U.S.S. Taylor  • U.S.S. Thatcher NCC-855  • U.S.S. Thurmost III NCC-537  • U.S.S. Tongogara  • U.S.S. Tudjman NCC-803  • U.S.S. Turabi  • U.S.S. Villalobos  • U.S.S. Xerxes NCC-505  • U.S.S. Yeltsin NCC-852  • U.S.S. Brigham Young NCC-526  • U.S.S. Zamora NCC-524  • U.S.S. Zoroaster NCC-524

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