U.S.S. Endeavour NCC-71805 (LUG)

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Myriad Universes: U.S.S. Endeavour
U.S.S. Endeavour
Registry NCC-71805
Class Nebula
First Appearance TNG201 (23 Sep 1991)
LUG Timeline
(Last Unicorn and Decipher Roleplaying Games)

The Federation Starship Endeavour,[1] a Nebula class cruiser[2] commanded by Captain Joseph Amasov,[3] was the sole survivor of the Battle of Wolf 359, emerging from the carnage with heavy damage.[4] A year later, the Endeavour took part in a blockade to prevent Romulan forces from aiding the House of Duras during the Klingon Civil War in 2367.[2] The Endeavour was stationed in the Cleon sector in 2368, when crew members from the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D were controlled by Ktarian operatives seeking to gain control of Starfleet. Commander William Riker was ordered to pilot a shuttle to the Endeavour to spread the takeover.[5] In 2373, the Endeavour was part of a Starfleet armada[6] that intercepted a Borg cube near Earth.[7]

Notes and References

  1. The vessel's name has been spelled, alternately, as both Endeavor and Endeavour. Given the history of Starfleet vessels named Endeavour, in honor of both the original British vessel and the American Space Shuttle Endeavour OV-106, that spelling has been retained for this entry.
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