U.S.S. Kirov NCC-1751 (SFC)

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U.S.S. Kirov
New Jersey class (SFC2)

New Jersey class (SFC2)
Registry NCC-1751
Class New Jersey
Commissioned 2303

The Federation Starship Kirov was a BCJ-type New Jersey class battlecruiser,[1] commissioned circa 2303.[2]

Notes and References

  1. While not stated in the game materials, it seems likely that the Kirov was also the lead vessel of the Kirov class, also an Excelsior class variant, and was later refit to the New Jersey class specifications.
  2. Bethke, Erik (Producer). Starfleet Command. Lead Designer: Erik Bethke. Senior Designer: Chris Taylor. Mission Scripting by Lance Watanabe. Campaign Mission Design by Scott Bennie. Game Design by Marc Hertogh and Tom Hughes. SFB Consultant: Tom Hughes. Interplay Inc.. 15 September 1999.