U.S.S. Raven NAR-32450 (LUG)

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Myriad Universes: U.S.S. Raven
U.S.S. Raven
U.S.S. Raven (VOY210)

U.S.S. Raven (VOY210)
Registry NAR-32450
Class Aerie
Status Lost (2356); Destroyed (2359)
First Appearance VOY174 (8 Oct 1997)
LUG Timeline
(Last Unicorn and Decipher Roleplaying Games)

The Federation Starship Raven[1] was an Aerie class vessel[2] operated by Magnus and Erin Hansen[1] during a mission to covertly observe Borg scout vessels deep in the Beta Quadrant which resulted in the ship's accidental transport to the Delta Quadrant in 2356[3] and the assimilation of the Hansens and their daughter, Annika, in 2359.[1]

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Ships Named Raven

Prime Timeline

U.S.S. Raven NCC-32450 (Unknown class)

LUG Timeline

U.S.S. Raven NCC-32450 (Aerie class)

SFC Timeline

I.K.V. Raven (D-5 class)

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