UFC 347601 III (FASA)

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Myriad Universes: FGC-347601 III
FGC-347601 III
Earth (UFC 347601 III) (TOS 11)

Earth (UFC 347601 III) (TOS 11)
Astrometrics UFC 347601 III
Coordinates -43.3, -103.5, -82.3
Affiliation UFP Protectorate[1]
Official Name Earth
Class M
First Appearance TOS 11 (27 Oct 1966)
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Discovered on Stardate 2713.5 by the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701,[2] UFC 347601 III,[3] also known as "Miri's World,"[3] was located hundreds of light years from the Sol system[2][4] in Quadrant III of the United Federation of Planets.[1] It was 24,874 miles in diameter, had a mass of 6⨯1021 tons, a mean density of 5.517, and possessed a Class M atmosphere of oxygen and nitrogen — exactly the same as Earth.[2] The planet was later dubbed Onlies — after its inhabitants — by the Federation, to differentiate it from Earth (Sol III).[5]

The adult population of the planet was killed by a viral experiment c.1966. The surviving children, who now called themselves the Onlies, had their aging slowed dramatically — aging only one month for every century — but were slowly dying as they reached maturity and the virus then accelerated their metabolism to fatal effect. The Enterprise crew found a cure, however, allowing them to survive.[2][6] Nearly 10 thousand children, all under the age of twelve, were found on the planet, and the cure proved effective. Federation sociological and planetary development teams were sent to the planet to help guide its inhabitants, until they were able to govern themselves.[1]

The planet's and its system's very existence held uncertain ramifications for both the scientific and religious communities on Earth. One theory held that the system was a result of a massive tear in the spacetime continuum that, at some point in the past several centuries, the Sol system passed, replicating it on the subatomic level. Alternately, the Judeo-Christian religions believed that the system was a result of a simultaneous, separate creation by God.[5]

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