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Myriad Universes: Uranus
Sol system (TOS 37) (Enhanced image; Original)

Sol system (TOS 37) (Enhanced image; Original)
Astrography Sol VII; Sol Sector (Sector 001);[1] Alpha Quadrant[2]
Distance from Primary 2,871,000,000km[2]
Orbital Period 84.01 years[2]
Rotational Period 0.72 days[2]
Planetary Class J[2]
Cloudtop Temperature -214°C[2]
Diameter 51,118km[2]
Planetary Gravity 1.15g[2]
Satellites 18, including Ariel (Sol VIIo)[2]
Affiliation United Earth Republic, United Federation of Planets[2]

Uranus was a Class J planet[2] and the seventh planet in the Sol system.[3]

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