Yamato class (SFC)

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Yamato class
Yamato class (SFCGame)

Yamato class (SFCGame)

The largest Federation warship ever designed, the cost of the Yamato class battleship was equal to that of a full squadron of Constitution class heavy cruisers. Only a few were ever produced, and those were all based upon an experimental design. The cost of the class soon proved to be more expensive than it was worth, and Starfleet Command canceled the class. The Yamato class was introduced in 2289, and it featured the most powerful warp engine and shields available, had a crew complement of 820, a capacity of twenty-four shuttlecraft, six science labs, eight transporters, five tractor beam emitters, and was armed with ten photon torpedo tubes, nine Type-B missile launchers, fifteen banks of Type-1 phasers, and three banks of Type-3 phasers.[1]

Notes and References

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