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Series Star Trek Roleplaying Game
Published 2003
"You are a culture of one. Which is no less valid than a culture of one billion." — Picard to Data, Birthright

To seek out new life and new civilizations...

The Suliban have infiltrated this book. So have the Gorn. And the Flaxians. And they've brought friends, all complete with full game statistics so you can pit them against one another in your Star Trek RPG series. You can even step into another species' skin thanks to the in-depth treatments of alien culture found in this book — play an El-Aurian, a Founder, or even a Horta! Assimilate your foes as the soulless Borg... From the near-Human to the inscrutably omnipotent, aliens can serve as allies, enemies, enigmas, or obstacles for any crew. Aliens presents all of the information necessary to include many of Star Trek's most popular life forms in your game.

Aliens includes:

  • 58 alien races, ranging from near-humanoids such as Ekosians to bizarre entities such as the Q, the Horta, and the Medusans.
  • New species-specific traits, weapons, technology, and skills, as well as new background rules to handle characters raised by alien cultures.
  • Coverage of aliens from all eras: Whether the Gorn from the original series, the Axanar from Enterprise, or the Vorta from Deep Space Nine, it's in this book.
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Bill Bridges, Andrew Greenberg, Kenneth Hite, Ross A. Isaacs, Doug Sun

Creative Direction
Christian Moore, Owen Seylor

Development and Editing
Jesse Heinig and Ross A. Isaacs

Line Developer, Star Trek RPG
Jess Heinig

Bill Maxwell

Product Development, Paramount
John van Citters

Visual Creative Direction
Dan Burns

Art Direction
Jesse Cassem

Graphic Design
Jesse Cassem and Jeannie Glover

Production Design
Rob Burns and Jeannie Glover