Chronology: 2103

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Reference Stardate 0/7607 through 0/7612
  • The first Human settlers arrive on Mars, when the first permanent colony is established on the plains of Utopia Planitia. Established by the United Space Probe Agency, the settlement is called Nova Ares and its first inhabitants are mostly UESPA support personnel who oversee ship launches and refueling. The first Humans to settle Mars adopt the term "Martians" in jest; every year, they will organize the H.G. Wells Martian Festival, named in honor of the author of "War of the Worlds", though the festival will become more of a curiousity by the 24th century. As the Martian independence movement gains momentum in the mid-22nd century, the residents of Mars will take the term more seriously, and it will became a symbol of their desire to govern themselves.[1][2]


  • RSD 0/7608: DY-500s are refit as automated cargo drones, and renamed the Zeus class. They will remain in service until 2157.[3]