Chronology: 2137

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Reference Stardate 0/9307 through 0/9312


  • RSD 0/9309: The Liberty class picket cruiser, equipped only with sublight drive, is removed from active service. From this point on, it is used exclusively as a planetary system defense boat.[1][2]


  • RSD 0/9310: The Horizon class enters service. This is the first class equipped with the new quasi-nuclear photon-neutron torpedoes. An excellent design, it will serve in the front lines with both the Earth Starfleet and later the Federation Starfleet. More than 1300 will be built, and the class will remain in service until 2197.[1][2]
  • RSD 0/9310.18 (18 October): The S.S. Amaretto is attacked by two Romulan ships, which break off when four Starfleet destroyers arrive.[2]