Chronology: 2146

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Reference Stardate 0/9800 through 0/9806


  • RSD 0/9803: Humanity's first spacefaring hospital ships, the Hopkins class, are on call. Constructed in coordination with the Interspecies Medical Exchange, the hospital ships could address the medical problems of all lifeforms then known. Immediately after the declaration of the Romulan War, ships of the class will be sent to support areas of the battlefront, providing medical care for injured crewmen and civilians. Later, these ships will play an integral part in the new Federation's Medical Assistance Program and will be dispatched to sectors or systems experiencing severe medical emergencies. The Hopkins class will remain in service until 2190.[1][2]


  • RSD 0/9806: The MD-1000 class space dock is removed from service, having served its purpose well before becoming obsolete.[1][2]