Chronology: 2171

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Reference Stardate 1/1500 through 1/1506
  • The Libran class U.S.S. Gemini, under the command of Captain Carlos Dos Passos, discovers a pair of planets in the Pyrimiis system that share an orbit, but are on course to collide in 2186. Pyrimiis I and II, the only planets in the system, are populated by intelligent humanoids, with the inhabitants of the first world roughly equivalent to the Renaissance period on Earth, and those on the second world somewhat less developed. Both populations consider a close bond to exist between their worlds, and the first world's population, having recently invented the telescope, has been "eagerly viewing their solar neighbor." Despite Captain Dos Passos informing them of their worlds' fate, the populations refuse to leave their homeworlds. On both planets, independent of one another, a religion has developed worshipping the union of the two planets, and the pending collision is seen by the natives as a final reunion of the two, and the greatest event in their history.[1]