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FASA Timeline

In 2019, the DY-100 class underwent extensive design and performance upgrades to become the DY-500 class. The Amjet V Thrusters were the most efficient engines of the 21st century, and the magnetohydrodynamic generator provided all on-board power. The class was particularly popular for travel to and within the asteroid belt, and it remained in service until 2055.[1]

DY-500 class vessels


Length 145m
Beam 33m
Draught 47m
Mass 4.17 million kg
Cargo Modules Each 19.8x10.7m (2900 usable volume)
Ship's Complement
  • Officers: 3
  • Crew/ Passengers: 33


Range (Standard) 600 million km
Range (Maximum) 1.15 billion km
Velocity (Cruising) 135,000 km/hour
Typical Voyage Duration 185 days (Earth-Asteropolis)
Thrust 33,000 kg per fission engine

Systems Overview

Navigation Interplanetary Triangulation (3 body) Guidance
Communication Laser Radiotelemetry
Onboard Power Magnetohyydrodynamic Electric Generator
Computer Elementary Independent Thought Processing Digital
Gravity .2g internally sustained
Atmosphere 25% O2; 9% humidity
Sustenance Duration 424 days at standard ship's complement of 36