Efheny, Neta

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Neta Efheny
Species Cardassian
Sex Female

An undercover operative for the Cardassian Intelligence Bureau, Neta Efheny’s task was to keep as close to the discussions of the Tzenkthi government officers who worked in the building where she posed as a custodial worker as possible, log everything on the numerous audiovisual recording devices implanted in her person, and transmit these files back to analysts at the Cardassian embassy. She discovered in 2383 that her supervisor, Hertome Ter Ata-C, was actually a Human Starfleet Intelligence operative, Alex Gardner, who tried to kill her in order to escape Ab-Tzenketh when his cover was in danger of being exposed. Efheny went native, allowing herself to under go a "reeducation" process that would strip her of her free will and turn her into exactly the kind of drone she had spent years impersonating.[1]

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