Inzegil Ter Mak-B

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Inzegil Ter Mak-B
Species Tzenkethi
Sex Female

Senior Enforcer Inzegil Ter Mak-B was a Tzenkethi law enforcement officer assigned to Area 9, Subsection 56 on Ab-Tzenketh. Her partner was Enforcer Artamer Ter Mak-B, and their ap-rej, or supervisor, was Mertikor Ter Mak-A[?]. In 2383, the pair worked a case involving a pair of Ret custodial workers and a supervisor who was abusing his power to force a personal relationship with one of the workers. In reality, the supervisor was a Human Starfleet Intelligence operative, and the worker was a Cardassian intelligence agent.[1]

Notes and References

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