TOS Narrator's Toolkit (LUG)

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Narrator's Toolkit

Series Star Trek: The Next Generation Roleplaying Game
Released Nov 1999
The Essential Resource For Star Trek Narrators

Energize your adventures with this toolkit full of advice, tips and instructions on narrating Star Trek adventures. Creating and controlling adventures in the Star Trek universe becomes easier with the discussions of storytelling and narration found here, along with key charts and tables from the rules in a handy reference screen. Experience the added thrills of creating and directing your very own Star Trek roleplaying adventures.

The Narrator's Toolkit includes:

  • Storytelling Fundamentals
  • The Art of Description
  • The Supporting Cast
  • Damage Control
  • Eight Episode Design Techniques
  • Constructing a Series
  • A complete, ready-to-play episode.

Stopping at the Beast

Twenty years ago, a Federation science ship was lost, deep on the fringes of known space, at the distant outward edge of what is now the Klingon Neutral Zone. While on a mission of exploration in these distant reaches of space, the Crew discovers the wreck of the lost ship, in a stable orbit around an uncharted world. Exploration leads to the survivors, led by Dr. Ian Deacon, living planetside in an ancient ruin. Deacon and his two fellow survivors are fighting for their lives against the menace of a band of Klingons who are also stranded on the planet, and the Crew (themselves stranded by the curious energies surrounding the world) is asked for aid. As the story unfolds, deceptions are revealed, and the Crew must ally with the Klingons to survive the evil plans of Doctor Deacon.


S. John Ross

Kenneth Hite

Star Trek Line Developer
Kenneth Hite

Icon System Design
Christian Moore, Steven S. Long with Kenneth Hite, Ross Isaacs

Janice Sellers

Additional Project-Specific Contributions
Christian Moore

Janice Sellers, Bruce Harlick

Product Development, Paramount (and Continued Spiritual Guidance)
Chip Carter

Proofreading and Fact Checking
Bill Maxwell

Graphic Design
Anthony N. Vayos

Narrator Screen Design
Charles Ryan

Bruce Harlick, Sheila Ralston, Alvaro Riet

Art Direction
Matt Colville, Anthony N. Vayos