Niwen, Abel

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Abel Niwen
Species Human
Sex Male

Admiral Abel Niwen commanded Starfleet's Sixth Fleet in the mid-22nd century, when the first official contact was made between Humans and Tellarites on Reference Stardate 0/7308.20 (20 August 2153).[1] A Tellarite vessel entered the Sol system, declaring that it had been "annexed" by the United Planets of 61 Cygni.[2] With Starfleet forces streched thin patrolling the system due to the ongoing Xindi crisis,[3] Niwen, aboard the Liberty class U.N.S.S. Bonhomme Richard,[4] chose to diplomatically welcome the vessel, warning that any hostile action would be reciprocated. The Tellarite commander accepted what he saw as a message of friendship and implied military alliance,[2] which ultimately resulted in a Tellarite presence at the first Babel Conference,[5][6][7] and Tellarites joining as founding members of both the Coalition of Planets[8][9] and the United Federation of Planets.[10] Admiral Niwen received the Medal of Honor for his efforts, and later retired from Starfleet to serve as Earth's first ambassador to Tellar Prime.[2]

Excerpt from Admiral Niwen's Log
"Here was a lone, somewhat backward-looking ship threatening ten heavily armed cruisers with extinction. Did they have a secret super-weapon on board? I doubted it. So in my best diplomatic voice, I called their bluff. I welcomed them to our Solar System, said we were always delighted to meet new intelligent lifeforms, and told them if they made a single hostile movement, we would destroy their ship.

"A very long silence followed, broken finally by the still gruff voice accepting our offer of friendship and exclaiming that as allies we would be an invincible duo."[4]

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