Revere, Hugo

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Hugo Revere
Species Human
Sex Male

Captain Hugo Revere was the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Hood NCC-1707 in the mid-23rd century. On Stardate 7636.2[1] (Reference Stardate 2/1101,[2] January 2269), Captain Revere and the entire ship's complement were killed during a mission to an interphasic rift near Tholian territory, in the hopes of weaponizing its effects, when the ship was pulled into interphase and the crew subjected to the psychological effects of that extradimensional space. Captain Revere died shortly after recording his final log entry in his cabin: "I have performed my final duty, as you who listen to this must perform your own. This duty has cost the lives of over four hundred fine men and women—my comrades and friends. I pray that, if this terrible new device is ever constructed, it will be controlled by far wiser men than those who sent us on this god forsaken mission in the first place. Let their ghosts be your conscience. The best of luck to you, whoever you are. Carry out your orders. Revere out."[1]

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