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Myriad Universes: Tellarites
Ambassador Gav, a Tellarite (TOS 44)

Ambassador Gav, a Tellarite (TOS 44)
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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

A porcine species[1] native to the planet Tellar,[2] Tellarites were generally quite boisterous and argumentative, often without reason, a quality often taken for belligerency among other races. Most Telarites enjoyed argument, and debate was a primary form of entertainment among the people of the planet,[3] though this was due more to a love of competition than aggressiveness.[4] Tellarite speech, regardless of language, was always very rough and guttural, while English and most of the softer tongues were difficult for Tellarites.[3] Tellarites were technologically advanced and, generally, made superb engineers,[2] contributing much to Federation science in the fields of propulsion and structural design.[3] Tellarites were also among the finest gamblers in the known galaxy.[4]

While largely humanoid, Tellarites did sport several notable variations upon the humanoid norm. Their lower limbs were hooved, ending in a hardened, split dermal pad with dewclaws in the rear. This feature was almost unknown among bipedal species, making the Tellarites most uncommon in that aspect. They also had a heightened sense of balance, despite their rather rotund body shape. While their senses of hearing and smell were extremely keen, Tellarite eyesight was quite poor. Sharp-eyed at birth, young Tellarites became increasingly nearsighted as they reached adulthood at the age of twelve Terran years. Young were born live, almost always in groups of six. Life expectancy was lower than that of most advanced species; Tellarite males averaged a life span of 87 years, while females generally lived to the age of 93.[3]

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