Terra Nova

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Planetary Data

Official Name: Terra Nova colony (founded 2087)[1]
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets (admitted 2178[2]
Astrography: Eta Cassiopeia III; Terra Nova Sector (Sector 003); Alpha Quadrant
Class: M[1]
Points of Interest: Logan City
Notable Species: Novans (Humans)
Notable Individuals: Jamin; Nadet

The Terra Nova colony was established in 2087. The colony ship S.S. Conestoga was dismantled upon arrival to assemble the colony's first buildings. Contact was lost within a few years, however, when a natural disaster struck the colony. By the time contact was reestablished in 2151 by the Enterprise NX-01, the survivors and their descendants, now calling themselves Novans, had all but forgotten their origins.[1] Nearly thirty years later, in 2178, the colony had reestablished itself and was beginning to grow, and was admitted to the United Federation of Planets. By the late 24th century, the colony's population had grown to 347,000 people.[2]


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