Tey, Jasmine

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Jasmine Tey
Species Human
Sex Female

A Human woman of Malaysian descent, Jasmine Tey was born in 2353.[1] During her secondary education in her native Malaysia, Tey spent a semester abroad in Wellington, New Zealand.[2] While Tey did not appear to be especially formidable, her extensive law-enforcement training and experience told a different story. Skilled in the implementation of protective techniques, in the use of numerous weapons, and in myriad forms of hand-to-hand combat — including the rigors of Klingon martial arts — Jasmine Tey constituted an impressive one-woman security force. Tey stepped down after a five-year tour on the detail safeguarding Bajor's first minister, Asarem Wadeen. Shortly thereafter, Rebecca Sisko — daughter of Benjamin Sisko and Kasidy Yates — was abducted by an Ohalu extremist. At Asarem's suggestion, Tey was brought in to assist in the girl's safe recovery, and proved instrumental in those efforts. Afterward, Sisko and Yates retained Tey to watch over their daughter on a permanent basis; while Tey nominally helped around the house a few days a week, her advanced security training provided peace of mind with respect to Rebecca’s safety.[1]

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