The Price of Freedom (LUG)

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The Price of Freedom

Series Star Trek: The Next Generation Roleplaying Game
Published Feb 1999
A grand experiment.
A noble alliance.
A Federation born of hope.

In the 24th century, one power outshines all others as a beacon of hope in the galaxy. Based on diversity and mutual support, populated by countless sentient species, the United Federation of Planets stands as a testament to the collective vision of its member worlds. United by the precepts set forth in the Articles of Federation, its members have become the foremost guardians of freedom in the galaxy.

In the two centuries since its founding, the Federation has come to assume an almost legendary stature among both its membership and its starfaring neighbors. Starfleet vessels and officers, UFP ambassadors and diplomatic missions, Federation scientists and researchers — all have played pivotal roles in galactic history, and in many cases their exploits and accomplishments have taken on the mantle of legend. It is a legacy of vigilance, of hope, and ultimately of universal acceptance and freedom.

The Price of Freedom gives players and narrators alike a detailed overview of this grand interstellar experiment. From Vulcan to Alpha Centauri, from Starfleet Command to its Advanced Technologies division, this book serves as the indispensable UFP game reference. Along with its companion volumes, Planets of the UFP: A Guide to Federation Worlds and Planetary Adventures, Vol. I: Adventures in Federation Space, The Price of Freedom gives players the most complete picture yet available of this noble and far-flung alliance.

The Price of Freedom includes:

  • Comprehensive discussions of Federation history, membership, and politics, including information on each of the founding member worlds.
  • A detailed look at Starfleet, its operations, and its numerous branches. Fourteen new vessels are detailed, including the Sovereign, Akira, and Steamrunner classes.
  • A new UFP organization — the Merchant Marine — complete with uniforms, character creation rules, and new templates and overlays.
  • Guidelines for playing non-Starfleet Federation personnel, including new templates, overlays, and background histories.
  • Treatments on the Federation economy, never-before-seen UFP technology, Federation colonies, and much, much more!

Special Bonus!

New material from the Star Trek feature film Star Trek: Insurrection

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