U.S.S. Bonhomme Richard NCC-1712

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Constitution class[1]
Constitution class refit[2]

Construction on the Constitution class Starship Bonhomme Richard was authorized by the Starfleet Appropriation of Stardate 3220,[3] and the ship, constructed to Mark III specifications, was commissioned[Notes 1] on Reference Stardate 2/0809[4] (September 2266).[Notes 2] On Reference Stardate 2/1810 (October 2276), the Bonhomme Richard was upgraded to Mark I of the refit specifications.[4] The Bonhomme Richard was refit once more, to Refit Mark III specifications, on Reference Stardate 2/2412 (December 2282), and the ship was scrapped on Reference Stardate 2/3212 (December 2290).[5]


  1. The registry listed for the Bonhomme Richard in the "Federation Ship Recognition Manual," NCC-1776, conflicted with that given in the "Star Fleet Technical Manual," NCC-1712, and was disregarded in favor of that given in the book.
  2. FASA game materials referred to events by a FASA-specific dating standard called the "Reference Stardate." All dates taken from FASA sources in this article have been adapted from that notation into standard calendar dates, which are then adjusted for errors in the baseline dates used as reference by the FASA authors. Working with a known, dated event (e.g., the launch of the Constitution class starships), the other dates in the timeline can be adjusted accordingly. FASA sources give the launch of the Constitution class as Reference Stardate 1/8801.04, which translates to the standard caldendar date of 04 January 2188. This has been established on screen, however, as occurring in 2245. As the exact month and date remain unstated in other sources, those remain the same, but the year has been adjusted to 2245, giving a modified date of 04 January 2245. This can then also be converted into the pre-TOS stardate system established in Star Trek (2009), giving us a stardate of 2245.004.


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