U.S.S. Etzel NCC-0509

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U.S.S. Etzel
U.S.S. Etzel (ST IDW 19)
U.S.S. Etzel (ST IDW 19)
Registry NCC-0509
Class Einstein

The Federation Starship Etzel, an Einstein class vessel,[1] was authorized for production by the Starfleet Appropriation of Stardate 0965 as a Saladin class destroyer.[2]

Kelvin Timeline

In the 2240s, the Etzel suffered a failure with the ship's dilithium scrubbers that stumped even the ship's chief engineer. The captain was forced to call for help, which was provided by a young engineer from a passing freighter, Montgomery Scott. The captain recommended Scott to her friend, Commander Alexander Marcus, for acceptance to Starfleet Academy.[1]

Notes and References