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SV Timeline

The Federation Starship Monitor, a Defiant class escort, was commanded by Captain John Lewinski. In 2371, the Monitor was assigned a covert mission to destroy the Borg homeworld. Fitted with a transwarp drive and with command temporarily handed over to Ambassador Spock, Captain Lewinsky had the name U.S.S. Enterprise painted onto the hull as a tribute to the ship's temporary crew. The ship reached the Borg homeworld in the Delta Quadrant, where it engaged a joint Romulan-Borg armada. The Romulan flagship, the I.R.W. Avatar of Tomed, was destroyed, and the crew discovered the Central Node of the Borg Collective. Although the ship was too damaged to destroy it, James T. Kirk apparently sacrificed himself to destroy the Node, thereby severing the connection of the Collective. The ship then headed back to the Alpha Quadrant. After returning, its name reverted to Monitor, and the ship was returned to its original crew.[1] In 2377, the Monitor was lost with all hands while conducting tests on the transwarp drive, traveling between Starbase 324 and Starbase 718 with a crew of thirty-eight, twenty of whom were warp specialists. While conducting the tests, the Monitor was swept into intergalactic space between the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies. The ship, 350,000 light-years from the Milky Way with an inoperative transwarp drive, faced a centuries-long return trip home at warp speeds, with no prospect of resupply.[2] Three years later, the Monitor, which was about to be destroyed by a phenomenon the crew dubbed "The Distortion" (later revealed to have been a "projection" of the Totality) relayed a burst transmission to the Federation by way of the Kelvan expeditionary mission return probes, warning them of the threat of the Distortion.[3]

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Kelvin Timeline

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Mirror Universe

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