th’Shant, Rahendervakell

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Rahendervakell "Vakell" th'Shant
Species Andorian
Sex Thaan

Ensign Rahendervakell "Vakell" th’Shant, an Andorian thaan, was part of Deep Space 9's engineering team at the time of Andoria's secession from the Federation in 2382, and had served on the station for more than two years. Vakell's reaction to his homeworld's secession was much the same as many other Andorians in Starfleet: with a mixture of confusion, depression, and anger.[1] This, coupled with a sense of suspicion from his superiors, ultimately led him to join an Andorian radical group. Working in concert with the Typhon Pact, the group had Vakell plant explosive charges in the station's reactor core. While the intent was merely to disable the station as a distraction for a second attempt by the Typhon Pact to gain quantum slipstream drive technology, the result was instead the station's destruction.[2]

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