Altair IV (FASA)

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Altair IV
Coordinates 27.9, 59.8, 2.5[1]
Astrometrics Quadrant II (UFP),[2] Altair IV[3]
Affiliation United Federation of Planets[2]
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Altair IV was the fourth planet of eight in orbit of Altair, a white star, and one of two that were Class M. Altair VI was inhabited by a native humanoid population, which was rated H on the Richter Scale of Cultures, as they possessed advanced technology and spaceflight capability,[1] and Altair IV was a colony of Altair VI.[2]

Altair IV declared itself independent in the early 23rd century,[2] sparking a brief but inconclusive interplanetary conflict[3] that was terminated by Federation peace-keeping forces. Following the war, the government on Altair VI continued to govern both worlds, while a Federation diplomatic team attempted to negotiate a resolution to the political crisis.[2] In 2209, the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 was scheduled to attend the inauguration of the president of Altair VI.[3]

Altair IV was also of archaeological interest for the ruins of the Krell civilization that flourished there millions of years earlier.[1] Relics showed the existence of the ancient civilization, which far predated modern occupation of the planet. Some believed these ruins may have also been related to the Preservers' culture, while others suggested a connection to the Vegan Tyranny. Archeological evidence remained inconclusive.[2]

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