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Map of Andor (WoF) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)

Map of Andor (WoF) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)
Coordinates 25.8, 60.1, -2.4[1]
Astrometrics Epsilon Indii[2] VIII[1]
Affiliation Andorian Empire;[2] Member, United Federation of Planets[3]
Planetary Class M[4]
Satellites 2[5]
Gravity 1.2g[5]
Diameter 18,000km[5]
Equatorial Circumference 24,000km[5]
Surface Area 470,000,00km²[5]
Land Area 316,000,000km²[5]
Hydrosphere 20%[5]
Notable Species Andorians[3]

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The eighth planet[1] in the Epsilon Indii system,[2] Andor, known as Fesoan in the Andorian language,[4] is the homeworld of the Andorians, an insectoid species[3] that was the third intelligent civilization contacted by Humans. Although the Andorians were in a feudal state when contacted (approximately a D+ on the Richter Scale of Cultures), the Andorians quickly adapted to Human technology,[1] and became a founding member[5] of the United Federation of Planets,[3] earning them a permanent seat on the Federation Council.[5]

Andor was a large, hot, dry world with little surface water. There were, however, vast underground reserves that fed surface geysers heated by geothermal energy, and oases surrounding these geysers were the centers of the planet's main population centers, as the majority of the planet's plant life thrived where the subsurface water was plentiful.[4] Andor also featured year-round skiing on some of the best slopes in the quadrant.[5]

Approximately 17.2 billion Andorians lived on the planet in the early 23rd century,[1] which had grown to more than 20 billion by Reference Stardate 2/2306.01 (1 June 2223). The shipyard facilities at Andor produced an average of 14 cruisers, 8 escorts, 47 warp shuttles and courier ships, and 122 civilian and commercial vessels.[5]

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