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Myriad Universes: Robert April
Robert April
Robert April (SNW01)

Robert April (SNW01)
Species Human
Sex Male
Born 2195
Portrayed by  • James Doohan (Voice, TAS22)
 • Adrian Holmes (SNW)

In 2245,[1] April assumed command of the Constitution class U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 as its first commanding officer, and oversaw the assembly of the ship's components at the San Francisco Fleet Yards. His wife, Sarah, served aboard the Enterprise as chief medical officer.[2] Accepting a promotion to admiral,[3] in 2250, April was succeeded by his first officer,[4] Christopher Pike.[5]

In 2270, at the age of 75, April served as a Federation ambassador-at-large, but faced mandatory retirement due to his age. During an encounter with an alternate universe where time flowed backward and caused the crew to grow decades younger in a matter of hours, April and his wife saved the ship and brought it back to their own universe. These actions led to a review of the Federation's retirement policies.[2]

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