Battle at the Binary Stars (TFO) (STO)

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Battle at the Binary Stars
"Battle at the Binary Stars"

"Battle at the Binary Stars"
Story Arc Age of Discovery
Episode TFO
Released 14 November 2018
STO Timeline
(Star Trek Online MMORPG)

Age of Discovery

Stardate Unknown: To best understand the combat tactics of 23rd century Klingons, the Federation and Klingon Empire have worked together to build a simulation of the Battle at the Binary Stars, based on field reports and data taken from that conflict.

Thank you for coming. Recent temporal events have led to a need for an understanding of 23rd century Klingon tactics. We need our best captains ready to deal with this unique challenge and, so, here you are. I trust you'll rise to the occasion.

This simulation is based on the 23rd century conflict known as the Battle of the Binary Stars. Your ship will appear as a Starfleet vessel from that era, but it will retain most of its capabilities.

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