Beta Rigel system

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Type A star (STSC)
System Data
Affiliation: United Rigel Colonies,[1] United Federation of Planets[2][1]
System Type: Single[1]
Spectral Class: Type A5V[1]
Absolute Magnitude: 6.2[1]
Planets: I: (Class B)[1]
II: Rigel II (Class M)[1]
III: (Class F)[1]
IV: Rigel IV (Class M)[1]
V: Rigel V (Class M)[1]
VI: Rigel VI (Class M)[1]
VII: (Class J)[1]
VIII: (Class J)[1]
IX: (Class H)[1]
X: Rigel X (Class P)[3]
Other Stellar Objects: Asteroid belt between Beta Rigel I & II[1]

Located in the Beta Quadrant,[1] Beta Rigel, like Deneb Kaitos, is remarkable for its high percentage of inhabited planets. Also, like Deneb, it shares its name with another star system; the "true" Rigel, Beta Orionis, is a bright blue binary system 773 light years from Sol. Rigel II, Rigel IV, Rigel V, Rigel VI, and Rigel X joined together to form the United Rigel Colonies, which joined the Federation in 2202.[1] In 2254, Captain Christopher Pike considered resigning from Starfleet and moving to the Rigel Colonies.[2]

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