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Myriad Universes: Gothos
Gothos (TOS18)

Gothos (TOS18)
Class A
First Appearance TOS18 (12 Jan 1967)
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

A Class A planet,[1] Gothos was created by Trelane, an immature but powerful being, in 2267. It was a magnitude 1E, iron-silica planet. It possessed no detectable soil or vegetation, and had an extremely hot, toxic atmosphere that roiled with tornadic storms and volcanic eruptions. When the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701} encountered the planet on Stardate 2124.5, it had just entered Quadrant 904 and was eight days travel from Colony Beta VI. Despite the planet's otherwise inhospitable environment, however, Trelane created an oasis with a Class M environment surrounding a single building and a small area of woodlands surrounding it.[2] It was unclear if the planet continued to exist after Trelane was "sent to his room" by his parents.

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