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Myriad Universes: Hydran Kingdom
Hydran Kingdom
SFC Timeline
(Starfleet Command Games)

The Hydran Kingdoms were inhabited by a single race, the Hydrans. Unlike most of the races in the known galaxy, the Hydrans were not humanoid. A methane-breathing species, the Hydrans generally inhabited the type of planets that other races avoided.

The Hydran government was a Monarchy. The lines of succession were quite complex since the Hydrans were anything but monogamous. The Royal Family consisted of approximately 30,000 beings, with some 1,200 Princes (both male and female.) Theoretically, any one of the princes could ascend to the throne. There was an extensive nobility that involved itself in internal politics and a strong Civil Service that actually ran the day-to-day affairs of government.

Like the United Federation of Planets, Hydrans generally did not attack unless provoked, and were more interested in scientific exploration than territorial expansion.

The Hydrans were once conquered by the Klingons and Lyrans and held as a client state for nearly 50 years. Powerful merchant guilds set up the "Lost Colonies" during this time and eventually developed the technology and resources to remove the Klingons and Lyrans from their space.

Hydrans had two heavy weapons, the Hellbore and the Fusion Beam. Fusion beams were very short ranged, while Hellbores could envelop the shields of a target, doing the most damage to the weakest shield. Most ships of the Kingdom were also equipped with small fighter craft; Hydrans relied heavily on their fighters.[1]

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