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Myriad Universes: George Kirk
George Kirk
George Kirk (Stardate 2233.04) (ST11)

George Kirk (Stardate 2233.04) (ST11)
Species Human
Sex Male
Serial Number SA-733-9624-AM[1]
Born 2201
Family Tiberius Kirk, Father

Winona Kirk, Wife

George Samuel Kirk, Son
Aurelan Kirk, Daughter-in-Law
Peter Kirk, Grandson
Two unnamed grandsons

James Tiberius Kirk, Son
David Marcus, Grandson

Portrayed by Chris Hemsworth

In 2233, Lieutenant Commander George Kirk[2] was the first officer[1] of the U.S.S. Kelvin NCC-0514 under Captain Richard Robau.[2] Kirk was married to another Starfleet officer, Winona (Davis) Kirk, and they had two sons, George Samuel[3] and James Tiberius. Born in Riverside, Iowa,[1] in 2201,[4] Kirk was the son of Tiberius Kirk, whose name he felt was "the worst."[2]

In 2265,[5] George was in attendance when his son James assumed command of the Enterprise.[2]

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