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Mongol class
Commissioned 2289

The Hydran Kingdoms' Mongol class medium cruiser, a variant of the Lancer class destroyer, was commissioned circa 2289. The Mongol class was produced in the Old Colonies after the fall of the Hydran capitol as a greatly-improved version of the Horseman class war cruiser that included substatially improved firepower. The class carried two squadrons of three Stinger lcass fighters.

The Mongol class featured a crew complement of 340, a capacity of four shuttlecraft, and was equipped with three science labs, two transporters, and two tractor beam emitters. The class was armed with three fusion beams, two banks of Type-1 phasers, four banks of Type-2 phasers and two banks of Type-G Gatling phasers.[1]

Mongol class vessels

SFC Timeline

H.M.S. Assassin  • H.M.S. Khan  • H.M.S. Khanate  • H.M.S. Kherne

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