R.I.S. Triumvirate (SFC)

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R.I.S. Triumvirate
Warbird class (SFAGame)

Warbird class (SFAGame)
Commissioned 2250

The Romulan Imperial Ship Triumvirate[1] was a WER-type War Eagle class heavy cruiser. The ship was commissioned circa 2250 as a WB+ type Warbird class light cruiser, and refit to the WE-type War Eagle class heavy cruiser specifications circa 2266. It was refit once again to WER specifications circa 2272.[2]

Notes and References

  1. The ship's name was misspelled as Triumverate in the game files. It has been corrected for this entry.
  2. Bethke, Erik (Producer). Starfleet Command. Lead Designer: Erik Bethke. Senior Designer: Chris Taylor. Mission Scripting by Lance Watanabe. Campaign Mission Design by Scott Bennie. Game Design by Marc Hertogh and Tom Hughes. SFB Consultant: Tom Hughes. Interplay Inc.. 15 September 1999.