Warbird class (SFC)

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Myriad Universes: Romulan Bird of Prey
Warbird class
Warbird class (SFAGame)

Warbird class (SFAGame)
Commissioned 2250

The Romulan Warbird class (WB+) light cruiser was an upgraded version of the older Warbird class (WB), and was introduced in 2250. The Warbird was one of the first Romulan warships, a very old design from the time before warp drive. As such, it was poorly suited for combat against more modern ships. The limited stutter-warp drive allowed it some method of high-speed strategic movement, but it needed to slow to almost a crawl in order to fight, though the power of the Type-R plasma torpedo helped to offset the design's lack of mobility. In modern times, the Warbird was limited to details usually handled by frigates. The Warbird featured a crew complement of 160, a capacity of five shuttlecraft, two science labs, one transporter, and one tractor beam emitter. It was armed with one Type-R plasma torpedo tube and four Type-1 phaser banks. The Warbird remained in service until 2266.

Several variants of the Warbird were produced, including the War Eagle class in 2250, the Commando Eagle class in 2258, and the King Eagle class in 2278.[1]

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