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Myriad Universes: Tellar
Map of Tellar (WoF) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)

Map of Tellar (WoF) (Colorized; Original B&W Image)
Coordinates 25.0, 60.1, 2.6[1]
Astrometrics Quadrant I (UFP),[2] 61 Cygni A V[1]
Satellites 2[3]
Planetary Gravity 1.25g[2]
Diameter 8,500km[2]
Equatorial Circumference 13,750km[2]
Surface Area 260 million km²[2]
Land Area 140 million km²[2]
Hydrosphere 50%[2]
Rotational Period 20 hours[2]
Notable Species Tellarites[4]
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Tellar was the fifth world of eight orbiting 61 Cygni A, an orange dwarf in a binary system.[1] The planet, called Miracht in the Tellarite language, was orbited by two moons, Kera and Phinda,[3] and supported a population of 11.8 billion Tellarites.[1]

Tellar itself was a rather unremarkable world.[3] Nearly fifty percent[2] of its surface was covered with water. Since the planet's axis stood at only 1.7 degrees from orbital perpendicular, there was no appreciable seasonal change during the Tellarite year. The average temperature at the surface was 83 degrees Fahrenheit by day and sixty-two degrees at night.[3]

One of the founding worlds of the United Federation of Planets,[1] Tellar had a permanent seat on the Federation Council. By Reference Stardate 2/2306 (June 2223), the shipyard facilities at Tellar produced an average of 7 assault ships, 18 frigates, 7 personnel transports, 47 warp shuttles and courier ships, and 525 civilian and commercial vessels.[2]

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