12th Century (FASA)

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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate -9/0001 through -9/9912



  • RSD -9/5404.20 (20 April):[1] Renat creates the short-lived Orion Provincial Senate. Most colonies refuse to send delegates to the five sparse sessions.[3]


  • RSD -9/3203.07 (7 March):[1] Renat dies, and his nephew Arnet the Thoughtful takes the throne, implementing reforms conceived of by his uncle. The massacre at Votannis kills 23.1 million Orions, depopulating the entire colony.[3]

Notes and References

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  2. The original source lists the stardate as -10/6210, but given its placement on the timeline and references in other timeline entries, it is likely a typographic error, and has been corrected.
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