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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate 1/4101 through 1/4112


  • RSD 1/4104: Intelligent flying humanoids, the Canaris are discovered on Alpha Virginis II, a planet located in Sector 14C,[1] by the Placido class U.S.S. Icarus II, commanded by Captain Jan Oonlarger. Medical officer Jose Freitag noted in his log that "this species does not have any great natural enemies and consequently have no innate fear response. The Canaris ... exhibit all the 'human' emotions of love, gratitude, compassion and kindness, without the negative counterparts of hate, aggression, or scorn of indifference."[2]


  • RSD 1/4112: Several Orion families open up free ports and trade worlds, which have no regulations or tariffs to control trade. The first experiments are a huge success, with the Orion traders more than recouping their development costs by leasing commercial space and by setting up elaborate trade brokerage houses. Later experiments, however, are not as successful.[3]

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