2214 (FASA)

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FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

Reference Stardate 2/1401 through 2/1412
  • RSD 2/14: After a year as Gunnery and Engineering Officer of the pirate cruiser, Fayel R'Zaad is offered the position of Navigator on a first-class raider operated within the Triangle by the Yhout family. Again he accepts the position, but R'Zaad has greater plans for both himself and the ship He has become disenchanted with the apparent lethargy of Orion leadership within the Triangle, and he begins to look for ways to become a leader himself. He sees the old tribal system as outmoded and inefficient. His training from Star Fleet has taught him the advantage of centralized control, while at the same time stressing individual initiative. This stress on loyalty and thought are the twin pillars upon which he plans to found his own empire.[1]
  • RSD 2/14: Lieutenant Joshua Scott successfully defends a convoy to Adhara from a determined attack by Orion pirates. Although heavily outgunned and outnumbered, Scott is able to drive off the attackers. His uncanny ability to outguess the actions of the pirates is credited with the victory.[1]
  • RSD 2/14: BioResearch is paid off by Klingons after setting up a shipload of Megagenics Corporation's colonists. Playing both sides, they make money on selling the Klingons the information and on reparations for the mistake.[1]
  • RSD 2/14: James Wedgewood discovers a large dilithium deposit beneath the Kexor grotto. He begins to secretly mine his find, storing the minerals in the grotto.[2]








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