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Myriad Universes: Andorians
Homeworld Andor

FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

A blue-skinned insectoid species,[1] Andorians were native to the planet Andor[2] in the Epsilon Indii system.[3] Andorians were the only species known to the Federation that displayed characteristics of both mammalian and insectoid species. Like most mammalian humanoid species, the Andorians had an internal skeleton to which the body's musculature was anchored; however, they also had a limited exoskeleton, which lent added strength and protection to the limbs and torso.[4][5]

The Andorian retina was composed entirely of intensity-sensitive rods and was incapable of distinguishing color. Color was, however, added to Andorian vision by way of their antennae, which, in addition to housing auditory receptors, featured a complex matrix of light-sensitive cones. These cones covered a similar spectrum of visible light wavelengths as Human eyes, as well as limited infrared perception. Because of the correlation of four independent, light-sensitive organs, Andorian vision was considered "quadriscopic," resulting in superior depth perception. Andorian auditory capacity was also highly developed, allowing Andorians to hear a wider range of frequencies than most other humanoid species.[5]

Because of Andorians’ unusual physiology, intravenous injections are not possible; instead, a doctor was required to use intra-muscular injections.[6]

Andorians were an admittedly violent race.[7] They were a race of warriors with a history of conquest,[5] and placed a high value upon family relationships and obligations.[7] Andorians did not fight without reason, however, and deplored dishonesty, though they were capable of duplicity.[1] Andorians could often be deceptively quiet in their relationships with others; this had, in the past, invited attack by those who quickly learned that Andorian fighting ability was almost unequaled.[5]

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