Chronology: 2168

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Reference Stardate 1/1307 through 1/1312


  • Though only a few weeks have passed for the crew since Columbia NX-02 began a near-relativistic flight to cross 11 light years to the nearest habitable system, twelve years have passed in normal space around them. They discover the Caeliar, but the insular species prohibits the crew from leaving. (ENT/TNG/DS9/VOY/TTN: "Destiny, Book One: Gods of Night", Chapters 10, 13, 17)
  • 23 December: An attempt by several members of Columbia's crew to escape from the Caeliar results in catastrophe, where a closed temporal loop occurs, in which the descendants from a group of Caeliar sent into the distant past of a remote galaxy send a feedback pulse that causes the system's star to go nova, forcing the Caeliar to escape into different eras of the past. One group of Caeliar, along with several Human survivors from Columbia, is sent back in time to the Delta Quadrant in 4527 BCE, while a second—also with Columbia survivors, including Captain Erika Hernandez—travels back in time to 1517. A third group, this consisting of Columbia survivors, attempts to take the ship through a wormhole created with Caeliar technology, but its instability kills all of the crew aboard, and the ship crashes on a planet in the Gamma Quadrant. (ENT/TNG/DS9/VOY/TTN: "Destiny, Book One: Gods of Night")
  • 23 December 2168-October 2380: Erika Hernandez, her lifespan greatly prolonged by Caeliar technology and now approaching 700 years old, observes the Caeliar star's supernova event. No longer concerned with disrupting the timeline, she spends the next two centuries attempting to contact the outside world, but is thwarted by the Caeliar at every turn. (ENT/TNG/DS9/VOY/TTN: "Destiny, Book Two: Mere Mortals", Chapter 18)