Class F shuttlecraft (LUG)

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Myriad Universes: Class F shuttlecraft
Class F shuttlecraft
Class F shuttlecraft (TOS31)

Class F shuttlecraft (TOS31)
First Appearance TOS14 (5 Jan 1967)
LUG Timeline
(Last Unicorn and Decipher Roleplaying Games)

The Class F shuttlecraft[1] was first brought into service in 2245, concurrent with the commissioning of the Constitution class starships to which it was primarily assigned,[2] and often served as a personnel and cargo transportation vehicle.[3] The class had a hull constructed of duranium and were powered by ion engines.[1] The shuttles were 24 feet long[3] and were equipped with warp drive.[1] The class could carry up to six passengers, and was designed for two pilots,[3] though it could be operated by a single person.[2]

Crew 2[3]
Passengers 6[3]
Evacuation Limit 20[2]
Cruising speed .4c[2]
Emergency speed .66[2]
Weapons None

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