Heart of Glory (Episode)

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Heart of Glory
"Heart of Glory" (TNG120)

"Heart of Glory" (TNG120)
Series Star Trek: The Next Generation
Season 1
Episode 20
Production Number 120

Previous Coming of Age (TNG119)
Next The Arsenal of Freedom (TNG121)
Released 21 Mar 1988
Prime Timeline
(The root of all realities)

Stardate 41503.7: Klingon fugitives attempt to take over the Enterprise

Responding to signs of a battle in the Romulan Neutral Zone, the Enterprise finds only a battered Talarian freighter and three Klingons, one of whom is near death. Their leader, Korris, explains that the ship was attacked by Ferengi and that they were beamed away just before the ship exploded. But after their comrade, Kunivas, dies and Picard assigns Worf as their guide, the two survivors proclaim their hatred of the Federation-Klingon alliance; they want to reclaim what they call the true Klingon warrior spirit. They appeal to Worf to listen to his heart, and to give up his life in the Federation, and Worf is initially torn by their words.

Meanwhile, a Klingon Defense Force cruiser approaches and explains what really happened: the two surviving Klingons are rebels who hijacked the Talarian freighter and destroyed a Klingon ship sent to capture them. The Klingons are detained, but later escape with a concealed weapon, and one of them, Konmel, is killed. Korris threatens to destroy the warp intermix chamber in Engineering, and demands to be given the battle section of the Enterprise. He tries again to sway Worf, who in turn tries to talk Korris out of destroying the ship. Korris lunges, Worf fires — and it is over. The Klingon captain, K'Nera, is impressed by Worf, but the lieutenant declines an invitation to serve in the KDF, choosing instead to remain aboard the Enterprise.

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