Operation Tactical Encounters

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A regular Starfleet wargame, Operation Tactical Encounters was intended to field-test new tactical formations. The twenty-sixth Tactical Encounters was held on 8 July 2284 (Reference Stardate 2/2107.08),[Notes 1] led by Fleet Captain Sufik aboard the Constitution class U.S.S. Republic NCC-1753.[1]


  1. Star Trek: The Roleplaying Game used a unique dating system, the Reference Stardate, in an attempt to reconcile Earth calendar dates and Stardates. The calendar used by the game, however, was the Spaceflight Chronology, which does not easily line up with the later-published Star Trek Chronology or stories based upon that calendar. Trekipedia has developed a conversion matrix to help resolve this discrepancy, which is detailed on the Reference Stardate page.