Tritium class (FASA)

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Tritium class
Tritium class (SFC)

Tritium class (SFC)
Commissioned RSD 1/4802.20
Decommissioned 2155
FASA Timeline
(FASA Roleplaying Game)

The expensive and ill-fated Tritium class was commissioned with the U.S.S. Tritium on Reference Stardate 1/4802.20 (20 February 2148). The first starship designed with three warp nacelles, the design sought to disprove Zefram Cochrane's original warp drive theories, which held that no more than two warp nacelles could be used on a single ship, as imbalances in the warp fields generated would nullify the drive's effect. The engineers responsible—and several flag-rank officers in Star Fleet Engineering Command—disagreed with Cochrane, and believed that the third nacelle would dramatically increase maximum operating performance. A total of six Tritium class ships were constructed before the project was terminated, but the class never met any of its design specifications. Numerous high-level Star Fleet personnel were discharged as a result, and the six ships were decommissioned within seven years.[1][2]

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