U.S.S. Sacagawea NCC-598 (Columbia)

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Myriad Universes: U.S.S. Sacagawea
U.S.S. Sacagawea
Registry NCC-598
Class Hermes
Columbia Timeline
(Chronicled in novels and comics, diverging with the Columbia NX-02 in 2156)

The Federation Starship Sacagawea,[1] a Hermes class scout, was commanded by Captain James T. Kirk from 2261 until 2265, when he assumed command of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 on Stardate 1278.4.[2]

Hermes class vessels

U.S.S. Columbia NCC-621  •  U.S.S. Hermes NCC-585  •  U.S.S. Revere NCC-595  •  U.S.S. Sacagawea NCC-598

FASA Timeline

Hermes class Mark VII

Authorized Stardate 0965

U.S.S. Aeolus NCC-588  •  U.S.S. Anubis NCC-586  •  U.S.S. Batidor NCC-593  •  U.S.S. Bowie NCC-597  •  U.S.S. Bridger NCC-591  •  U.S.S. Carson NCC-592  •  U.S.S. Cody NCC-594  •  U.S.S. Crockett NCC-600  •  U.S.S. Diana NCC-589  •  U.S.S. Hermes NCC-585  •  U.S.S. Quintillus NCC-590  •  U.S.S. Revere NCC-595  •  U.S.S. Sacajawea NCC-598  •  U.S.S. Spaker NCC-596  •  U.S.S. Tonti NCC-599

Mk VIIA Monoceros class

Authorized Stardate 3669

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Mk VIIB Cygnus class

Authorized Stardate 5099, specially outfitted for regular duty as command and diplomatic couriers

U.S.S. Apus NCC-618  •  U.S.S. Aquila NCC-623  •  U.S.S. Columbia NCC-621  •  U.S.S. Corvus NCC-620  •  U.S.S. Cygnus NCC-617  •  U.S.S. Grus NCC-624  •  U.S.S. Pavo NCC-622  •  U.S.S. Phoenix NCC-625  •  U.S.S. Tucana NCC-619

Notes and References

  1. While the ship was listed in the Star Fleet Technical Manual as "Sacajawea," the more proper spelling, "Sacagawea," was used in the novel "The Captain's Oath," as was the (correct) pronunciation, "sah-KAG-ah-wee-ah."
  2. Bennett, Christopher L. (Author). The Captain's Oath. Star Trek. Novel. Gallery Books. May 2019.